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What is the required ingredient at the core of any change you want to make in your life?


I wholeheartedly believe this. When you understand courage, but more importantly, when you understand fear and how it’s connected to your courage, you can create the changes that will make you happier. Not only will they be more sustainable and long lasting when you get to know yourself first — the changes you make will feel better and more authentic because you took the time to ask yourself what you value.

This process. The one where you sit down, reflect, contemplate, ask for guidance, and actually do something about what isn’t working. That process is what my new online course is. This is time that everyone needs to take for themselves. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t be interested in improving their day-to-day life in some way. Becoming Bold: The Online Program can help you through the process towards that change.

I took what I know about the needs of my clients, my friends, and myself and created an easy-to-use, self-paced online program.

It guides you, the student, through 4 comprehensive modules — each focused on a different part of the process to go from feeling unclear, frustrated, and anxious to bolder, confident, and goal oriented. And what’s best, once you buy it, you have it for life. This means that you can come back to it as many times as you need to.

The program includes:

  • Four Modules
  • 22 Guided Lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • HD Video Content and Written & Audio Instruction
  • 4 Downloadable Audio Meditations
  • One Downloadable Workbook
  • Bonus Resources
  • AND a complimentary 30 Minute Coaching Session with me

One thing that I think you might like about each lesson, is that besides reading the content, there is an option to watch a video of me explaining it or listen to audio of me talking about it. I chose to give you a few ways for digesting the material, in attempts to make it accessible to varying learning styles.

Here’s more about each module and what’s in it for you!

Module One: Finding Courage

We start with this guy because we start at the root. At the root of your indecision, lack of clarity, and doubt, is fear. Something is blocking you and we need to recognize what that is. This module is hard, but it’s necessary.

I’ll guide you through exercises like cleaning up the media and content that you consume as a way to clear any clutter that might be making you feel bad about yourself. We clear the path to self talk that is self-loving and motivating and begin steering clear of that inner critic that is bringing you down. I then guide you through steps to identify the way fear and blocks may be clouding your mind. What are you saying to yourself about your abilities and goals? How is it harming or propelling your process? Then we work together to re-write your mindset in a way that actually makes you feel good and supported.

Module Two: Making Decisions

This module comes next because living life requires making many decisions but you won’t be making decisions that are best for you if you’re still living in fear and self-doubt. That’s why tapping into courage comes first and then we layer on the practical skills.

This module is a fun one because I load you up with lots of strategies that will help you to make decisions more efficiently and in alignment with what you care about. I guide you through some exercises that support decision making like writing, creating lists, and understanding your values well enough to know what you want. There are some more philosophical lessons within this module, such as introducing meditation as a habit and exploring what it means to detach from outcomes.

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Module Three: Creating Purpose & Fulfillment

I hear it again and again: ‘I want to feel purposeful and contribute to something meaningful.’ I love the sentiment behind this comment but very few people actually make the moves to put themselves in a purposeful career or lifestyle. Instead, I see patterns of complacency and folks settling for less-than-ideal because they lose sight of what makes them tick.

This module is where you get to dig for your purpose. What do you love!? What are you good at!? If we’re only afforded one life, I think it’s way too short to just settle for working to live. But I’m also a big believer that you can create your purpose and fulfillment through mindset, perspective, and gratitude. I’ll guide you through a little bit of both. In this module’s lessons, we’ll consider your values, your skills, your flow state or passion, and the current mindset you have.

Module Four: Staying Motivated & Accountable

I get lit up for this module because I love helping people to start things and set their goals. You get to do so much reflection and writing throughout the program that it would be silly not to help you work some of those thoughts into actionable items for your present and future.

So as you can probably imagine, we work on cleaning up your physical space, getting better at staying organized, and I provide you with strategies for keeping accountable to the changes you want to make. I guide you through a goal setting activity and leave you with some wisdom about what will be the source of fire under your butt to make things happen.

Program Intention

My intention is for students to come out on the other side of the program with new perspective and inspiration for moving forward in a direction that they feel more sure about than when they began. I personally relate to so much of the course content because these are exercises and strategies that I’ve used to transform my own life over the past two years. It hasn’t been easy to create something from scratch and believe in myself enough to think that others would care about that thing I’ve created.

I rely on courage and acting boldly every day. I want to teach you how to do it too. It’s the best feeling when you are invested in and engaged in your life. Partaking in a program like Becoming Bold is your first step to getting interested in your behaviour, mind, goals, present, and future.

Who the program is for

Becoming Bold is great for someone who feels stuck right now. Someone who is just a little or a lot dissatisfied with their day-to-day and they’re ready to shake it up. It’s also for all of you personal development junkies who are always looking for a way to level up in life and be your best self. If my vibe and voice speaks to you, join me!

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Access and Customization

I thought a lot about your personal and financial needs when I created the program. The cost of the program is fair and can be paid in one go or in instalments. You can also opt for purchasing just one of the modules on their own as a mini-course. I bundled Module 3 & 4 together because they go hand-in-hand too well to split them. I also like to remind people that I’m human and welcome you to reach out and ask for help — if something about the price and/or course isn’t feasible for you, please connect with me and we’ll work something out together.

Lastly, let me say that the launch of this feels like all the fear and excitement within me coming to SUCH a head. I have poured so much love, time, and energy into this program. I hope it feels like you’re working with me directly and that through my words, you get an intimate sense of my deep gratitude for you!

What’s stopping you from trying this out and seeing how it can make positive change in your life? Be bold NOW by starting with this program. I can’t wait to have you join my tribe. Explore the Online Program.





courage. motherhood. self discovery.

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Brittany Masson

Brittany Masson

courage. motherhood. self discovery.

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