Why Your Goals Suck


Why are we often falling off track when working towards our goals? A common reason is that we just don’t care enough about them. Or should I say, we didn’t created them from a place of authenticity, a place that aligns with what we value. If you don’t truly care about what your goal is all about, how will you possibly persevere towards accomplishing it?

And I’m not saying this to blame or scold you. Sometimes we’re misled when we set goals. We are drawn to setting the goals that seem like the right fit, when really, they aren’t. Sometimes they’re what we think we should do, what we see others doing, or what others tell us to do. The should’s, must be’s, and told you so’s need to be excused from your goal setting process.

Call to mind one thing that you’re really set on accomplishing.

Do you feel your interest waning? Your enthusiasm fizzling to a dull spark?

Now ask yourself, why does this goal matter to you? Go back to the beginning and try to remember why you set it in the first place. Maybe your answer just lit a match and you’ve been kickstarted again. If so, amazing! Got get em.

If your answer sounded less clear and a little like, the should’s, must be’s, told me so’s. STOP. I’m going to teach you how to better define what direction you want to move in before you start creating the goals to get you there. This is a step that is commonly left out of goal setting. For me, it’s the most crucial part. Not only does defining the purpose behind your goals, add fuel to the fire, it also gives you the chance to reflect on your choices. It makes the whole process more intentional and mindful.


Step One: Define Your Mission

You have the power to really decide what you’re going to accomplish in your life. This, to me, is your mission statement. Your purpose and contribution. Don’t wait for it to fall into your lap — create it! And remember, this purpose or mission can change as you grow and learn more about yourself. But for now, what do you think you’re really good at and what makes you happiest? Those parts of yourself can make up your mission.

When you write your personal mission statement, be as creative or as straightforward as you want. It can be made up of a few sentences, it can be a compilation of words, or even a poem. Whatever it is, make sure it includes the key to what you really envision yourself creating and contributing to life and those around you.

Step Two: Create Goals

When I set goals with clients, this process is much more extensive. But for this article, I’ll put it to you concisely. Write 5–10 goals that are aligned with your mission statement. When you create a goal, ask yourself the following:

Why am I creating this goal?

How is it aligned with my mission?

When do I want to accomplish this goal by?

What are the baby-steps I need to take to get there?

Write down your answers. Plan out your baby steps.

Step Three: Check In

Because you’re human, the goals, mission, purpose, values that you define, and everything in between will shift and evolve with you. It’s exciting and healthy, but it also means that checking in is necessary. Are your goals still on the same page they were 3 months ago?

This part is easy — you just need to make a date with yourself and actually do it. I call it my Power Hour and I schedule it for the start of every month. For one hour, I sit down and focus on nothing but reading over my goals, making changes, and writing new ones. I schedule my baby steps for the month and get clear on my intentions. It’s the best thing I’ve integrated into my life this year. THE BEST THING.


I want to teach you more about goal setting and for you to luxuriate in the personal development that you so deserve. I suggest that you have a look at my Online Courses. They are created for you and are jam packed with incredible benefits.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re always going to be mid-goal, deep in some process. The process, the journey, the life, is at times, challenging. But there’s something to be enjoyed in both the challenge and the triumph. If you’re committed to always growing, why not make sure that you enjoy the ride?

For that reason, set goals that you care about. Set ones that excite you. Scare you. And make everyone doubt you. Then go out and prove them wrong.






courage. motherhood. self discovery.

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Brittany Masson

Brittany Masson

courage. motherhood. self discovery.

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